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Forum Quest "Lucky Pair"

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Lucky Pair

Quest ends 11.12 at 19:00

Dear players! Here is this week's forum quest - "Lucky Pair". Every player is welcome to participate.  


  • You need to guess the pair squares in which there will be the same monsters from MU online world
  • for each correctly guessed pair you will get bonuses: 15, 25, 40 or 70(depends on which pair you would guess)
  • You have 3 chances
  • It is forbidden to edit your message, them would not be accepted.
  • For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO.


(This is how the pairs looks like, they will get changed) 


Pairs which cost 15 Bons (3 monsters with 6 cards):

Elite Yeti - Balrog - Tantalos

Pairs which cost 25 bonuses (4 monsters with 3 cards):

Zaikan - Phoenix of Darkness - Hell Maine - Golden Tantalos

Pairs which cost 40 bonuses (2 monsters with 2 cards):

Erohim - Relics of Kundun

Also there are two Fortune Pounch cards, which are bonuses and they will change any card that you need. For example if you get Elite Yeti and Fortune Pouch, it will count as two Elite Yeti or if you get Erohim and Fortune Pouch it will count as two Erohim. 

But if you are lucky enough and you get 2 Fortune Pouch, for that you will get 70 bonuses. 

Here is the example of how you should write your answer:

Pinq / Luxor

5 - 36

1 - 35

4 - 33

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-Xenomoprh 15 Bonuses

Himler 15 Bonuses

Malfyrion 25 Bonuses

HrenOtkuda 15 Bonuses

ReZero 15 Bonuses

Fors1k 40 Bonuses


15 Bonuses








25 Bonuses



40 Bonuses




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