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Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

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Dear players! Here is this week's forum quest - "Treasure hunt", it tests the strength of your intuition. Every player is welcome to participate.  


Your task is simple: You have to get from start (green cell - A1) to finish (red cell - F6) without running into monster.



1. You can only move UP-DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT.

2. Finding monster on your way - GAMEOVER.

3. Finding treasure on your way - 20 bons each.

4. If you find treasure but then run into monster, you don't get any bons.

5. Number of moves is unlimited - you can make as many moves as you want.

6. Finishing maze (when you get to red cell F6) without running into monster - 25 bons.

There are 4 hidden treasures and 6 hidden monsters.


An example of an application for participation:


Pinq | Luxor

a1 - a2 - a3 - a4 - a5 - b5 - c5 - d5 - e5 - f5 - f6

-Moon- | Luxor

a1 - b1 - c1 - c2 - c3 - c4 - c5 - c6 - d6 - e6 - f6


Results for this example (black line is Moon path, red path is Pinq):




Pinq   – Unfortunately you have been eaten by monster.

-Moon-   – You have won 25 Bon (reached the red cell) 



You got one chance, you don't need to create other multiple accounts or you would be disqualified. 


You need to provide us with your ingame name and server where you are playing.


Quest ends Friday 03/12 at 19:00



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