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Account conversion

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We are going to copy 46k MUX accounts and add them to 338k Bless accounts.

In case if there is a similar named account on Bless server then the "_m" symbol will be added to the end of your account, example: flame => flame_m. 

If your account consists of 9 or 10 symbols, then the last symbols will be changed to "_m". Old account: blackangel => blackang_m.

If the new renamed accounts are created similar. For example accounts zombik999 and and zombik910 will result in creating two similar accounts named zombik9_m. In this case we are changing the last 3 symbols and adding a number from 0 to 9.
zombik910 = zombik_m0
zombik999 = zombik_m1

In total there will be 11k accounts renamed.

To get your new converted account name you can use account recovery service, also an email will be sent if your account name has been changed.

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