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Forum Quest "Black Box"

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Your goal is to guess what is hidden in the Black box. And only Quest Maker knows what is in box.




  • In box you can find any material thing. For example food (orange),  tool (hammer), person (Kristaps Porzingis), item (paper), film (The Wolf of Wall street) etc.
  • Each player can ask as many questions, as he wants. The answers will be - "Yes" or "No". Quest Maker can also answer like "perhaps yes" or "perhaps no".
  • You will receive your answers in your own post. (quest maker will give answer by editing your post)
  • 1 post = 1 question and 1 answer


Items in box will keep their default form, for example, lemon is yellow, spoon is made of metal, feathers are light, paper is thin.



Winner will receive 50 bonuses! 

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Is the person a she or a he?


Q: I can only answer yes, no or perhaps :)

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