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Endless Tower Event

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Endless Tower Event


New event where players in a Party of 5, as fast as they can, have to defeat waves of various monsters than will become stronger each round. The more waves you complete, the more difficult and complex battles will become, your reward will increase as well. In addition to multitude of ordinary mobs you will encounter bosses and monsters with special abilities, like: mana drain, stun, ice, poison, item decay and others. You can use only those HP and Mana potions that you have obtained on the event, you will not be able to repair your items or use Evil Spirits. To succeed you will require a true teamwork and right strategies.



To start the event all Party members must purchase and use a special ticket - Scroll of Eternity 3c5d6c0e7b873f66d682f2403b80008f.jpg

Upon teleporting to the event, your stats will be set to zero and you will be given free stat points to distribute. The number of points depends on the number of completed quests on your character. For ordinary classes 1 quest = 200 points, for MG / DL 1 quest = 280 points.


Event lasts until at least on of the Party members remains alive, but the maximum duration is limited to 30 minutes. If you die, you become a ghost and watch the remaining survivors continue the battle. If the survivors compete the current wave, you will be resurrected. If everyone dies, the event will end.


If you destroy monsters fast enough, you will skip waves and progress to the higher levels faster. For example, if you defeat all monsters on a wave in less than 30 seconds, you immediately jump 5 waves ahead. You can cope faster that 5 seconds, you will skip 10 waves.


Every couple of dozens of waves you will encounter bosses that are usually surrounded by mobs with special skills. Each boss will drop a  da2633c35e01ff287b2d2ced8fa4c9e0.jpg Violet Mistery Box. At the end of the event participants will receive a reward depending on the wave that they managed to reach. Each completed wave and a defeated boss will additionally grant you Endless Tower Points that can be exchanged for valuable prizes on the website, including Flame of Condor.



  • Evil Spirits skill is disabled.
  • Items can't be repaired.
  • Set: Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots can't be changed.
  • MG Fire Slash skill reduces 60% of monsters Defense instead of the usual 30%.
  • Effectiveness of HP/Mana after monster option is significantly reduced.
  • Experience gain is increased 10x.

You can participate in the event twice a day.


Update: Endless Tower visiting limit from now on drops at midnight. You can check the number of passes available for you by writing command /et. If you want to know how many passes are left on a different character, write /et nickname.


<work in progress>



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12 hours ago, yseraa said:

Where can I see the prizes?

Additional rewards on the website will become available by the end of the week.



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