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Visual Lagg

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Since 1 week i noticed Visual Lagg ingame, example when i hover my mous over my Items wich im wearing it doesnt spin normaly it lagg frames.

When i move around or fight every like 2-3 sec i notice a Laggspike + Skills doest show up bcouz of the lack of frames.

Im playing the new COD lagg free with 200+ FPS on High grafic, jsut to be sure that its not me.

How do i fix that? It wasent like that befor and after ur " Server Maintanance " nothing changed either.

Char: Zeitgeist

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Solved my Problem 👌


For everyone else, make sure ur Windows 10 "if not cracked" is up to date, version 1903

Check Drivers aswell + directX latest version 12.0 


If ur Visual Framedrop isnt fixed after all that... Rip

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