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Lost Valut Keeper Pandora

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hello , 


After merge i lost all my vault from pandora . 


What i need asap is Red Dragon set  , FO ring , and Sword Bracker +13 .  


and rest of them what i ghot in theat Valut thanks for the understanding . 

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Making application in event of loss:
1.  Name of the character, account and the server, where loss have happened: Normal, Castle Siege, or VIP.
2.  Origin of lost items: Bought by yourself in Bonuses Shop / Bought by someone else in Bonuses Shop / obtained in game process.
3.  Date and time of loss (as accurately as possible, it will accelerate recovery process).
4. How items have disappeared.
5. In details about lost items: upgrade level, options, and exact place where they were before the loss.
6. Was the Safety Mode is activated?

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1. character name akaPixul , account Bannedtrip server Pandora transfered to Phobos  / at merge . 

2. obtained in game process  trades and hunt . 

3.  02.10.2019 / 15:30 / 22:30 ( merge off server time ) . 

4. the items was disappeared becounse of merge i forghot of one character from phobos ( name of character from phobos pollo ) 

5. Red Dragon set  + 12 + 13 DD+REF+Luck and harmony DD all .  Sword Bracker +13 Luck and EDR  + Harmony DD , FO ring , black dragon armor +13 with REF+DD+HP+Luck , FO schild Serphend  from lottery  ,ringS of fire +12 pendant of fire +12 , knight wepon with edr . black dragon boots +13 with dd or ref  . black dragon Helm with ref black dragon pants with hp black dragon glove with dd

jwels of luck i think was 5 pcs , Souls , lifes , bless , chaos , gemstone , zen ,  goldesmith .....  ETC .  they was in VALUT KEEPER .  You can chek data base please for all my lose ?  I  realy don t remember all . thanks 

6. no Safety Mode acvivated . 




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