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Team Deathmatch

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Team Deathmatch Event
Event takes place every day at 20:06 by server time. On Sundays, schedule shifts for one hour due to Castle Siege event.

To participate in the event you need to write a command: /jointdm
There is 5-minute window to use an invitation 20:00-20:05

At 20:06 players who have accepted an invitation are teleported to the Team Deathmatch Arena and divided into two equal teams: Blue Team and Purple Team. Team distribution is based on character classes and TDM Level; it includes their Stats, Power Buff, Set Bonus and other parameters.

Main goal: kill you enemies as much you can. Timer and quantity of team kills you can see in right corner
Green - your team frags 
Red - your opponents team frags 
Sword - your personal frags
Skull - your personal deaths
Purple face - quantity of Creeps
Event duration: 20 minutes
The number of lives of the player: 15
If you have died 15 times - you will be teleported from arena, but anyway, you still can receive points and prizes if your team will win.
 In case if your team win, you will receive special prize - Violet Mistery Box. Besides on website we have Team Deathmatch ranking with special points. Top resets every Monday at 17:00 GMT+2:00 top leaders will receive prizes in the form of bonuses.
How much points can i receive? 
Your team won and you survived - 2 points
Your team won and you didn't survived - 1 point.
You are top killer of your team - 1 point
So, you can receive 3 points, if your team won, and you was top killer and survived.
In the end of the event, you will be teleported back to your original location.
You don't need to press CTRL to attack enemies.
There is special traps on map, and you can push there your enemies
You can't warp from this event.
If you logout from account, after you have wrote (/jointdm), you will loose your invitation.
If you didn't survived, but event is still going, don't logout from account. You won't receive any awards in this case. 
How works TDM ranking:
Last active char will be displayed in ranking. Even you have traded your character, anyway, in ranking your will be displayed your last active character (and you won't receive any prizes in this case)
Points receive your character, This means, in you will sell this character, bonuses per this week ranking will receive new account, where this character now located.
Team Death Match Arena map overview: 

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2 hours ago, DievsLVx said:

What is the reward - when team wins ! ??  

you get the box and from the box i think you can get jewels and idk what else ;d


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8 hours ago, DievsLVx said:

What is the reward - when team wins ! ??  


And get points from 1 to 3. And in the end of the week top players get some bonuses! B|

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