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Safe Mode

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Safe Mode - gives players a possibility to increase security of their accounts.


Safe Mode brings the following restrictions:


- In game it's impossible to trade or put in Chaos Machine items with 4 and more excellent options, also Gold Fenrir, Shadowmere and Wings 3&4 Lvl.

- On website it's impossible to use Bonus Transfer services.

- On website i't impossible to sell items or characters (buying is allowed)

- In Game it's impossible to delete characters with at least 1 reset or grand.


Outside the Safe Mode there are following permanent security restrictions:


- Items with 4 and more excellent options cannot be sold the NPC Shop, put in Store or used in Item Refine with NPC Osbourne.


Safe Mode can be turned on Website in "Services > Technical Issues > Safe Mode".

Enabling or disabling safe mode requires email verification, same as changing password.

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