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Bonuses for Guild Master

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We are always happy, when our old players returning and of course, when new players are coming. And more better, if whole guild will join to MUX! 

We would glad to meet new guilds on our project, so if you are Guild Master and would like to play on MUX project - read down bellow.


You can participate in event only if you are player from a different server (not Bless, eGames or MUX project)


To receive bonuses you need to write here:


1) Your guild name

2) URL to your guild topic 

3) Introduce about you. History of your clan. Did you play here before?  


Note: Minimal amount of member in guild must be 5 players 


If guild master will execute all conditions - he will receive VIP status on 1 month and 1000 bonuses.


Event will be conducted till 21 November . All awards you will receive at the next day.

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1) Ulumulu

2) https://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3956-ulumulu-recruting-100x-pandora/

3) Hello! First im sorry for my english  :)

Im oldschool Mu Online player (I stopped playing this game nearly season 5 years ago...). I was semi-hardcore player who liked to be in top3 on private servers. I was really agressive style player - I liked KS wars and PVP so much! My guild mates always liked me but rest of server just hated me - it was ok for me, its just a game and i had fun when someone flame me for KS/PK. Now, im 30y old, married guy. My wife is pregnant so im just taking all my free time to play on MuxGlobal because soon i will need to grow up :>


Our guild came here from alot of servers years ago (like UnionMu, ChaosMU, PolMU etc.).

We are enjoing this server stats and people :)




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3)I played Monster MU in different servers(Zypher MU,ChaosMU,BlessMU) We came from the Philippines. And we like this Server and changes in MUXGLOBAL.

PS:Crafters and Sellers guild.


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Both GM's have received 1000 bonuses and VIP for one month.

We hope, your guilds will have nice time in Arkania world. :)

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