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Game Client Settings and Controls

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Our game client has lots of new and useful settings, that allow users to customize and control your game client to fit your needs.


You can access client settings through Launcher: 



In order for the changes to take effect your game client must be closed.



Account: remembers your account

Screen Resolution: game window resolution, including widescreen and Full HD

3D Camera: whether the 3D camera is turned on when entering the game

Window Mode: whether the game is launched in window or full screen (window mode is strongly recommended)

View Range by Default: draw distance when entering the game (affects performance, not recommended for slow PCs)

Color Depth: "32" recommended

Reset camera: button that will switch 3D camera to the default position

Antialiasing: improves image quality, may affect performance

Fog: covers long distance objects with fog

Glow: additional glowing effects - eye candy

Music: controls in-game music ("off" recommended)

Sound Effects: controls all in-game sounds ("on" recommended)

Enable Autoclicker: Built-in clicker controls ("on" recommended) more info here


Additional in-game Settings (press "O" button):




Show Monster Health Bars: shows health bars and monster names

Show System Messages: shows system messages (exp, loot, etc.)

Show Buff Icons: shows buff icons (Set Bonus, Power Buff, etc.)

Draw Distance: affects your view range: Default, Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Ultra (very demanding on computer resources)

Speed Bug Fix: allows to use spells with any amount of attack speed (no applicable for elfs)

Higher FPS: increases FPS, game runs smoother (recommended)


3D Camera controls:

Turn 3D Camera On/Off - "Home"

Restore default Camera position - "End"

View angels and range controlled by mouse and wheel


You can read all our commands here: Mu Online commands




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