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6 Things you might not knew about the new Game Client.

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1.       New Commands


/jointdm – type in 5 minutes before a start of a Team Death Match event.

/stuck – manually releases blood castle gates, in case if they are stuck in a visual bug.



2.       New features of VIP



VIP account holders, receive a 25% bonus experience, on both, VIP and Normal Servers.

VIP shop is also available on both servers.



3.       Safety



When life of Horn of Fenrir reaches zero, it does not disappear, but simply stops working.

Items with 4 or more options, cannot be sold in shop, store or used for creation of Higher Refining Stone.

Characters with 1 or more resets / grand resets, cannot be deleted.

Full support of all features of a Safety Mode.



4.       Protection from Rating boosting and other optimizations



Points for Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and Devil Square ratings will now be awarded only on the upper floors of these events.

All floors of events are taken into account for Event Achievement.

Quest achievement, is only taken into account upon quest #10.

Entire drop in a Blood Castle event has been removed to reduce lags that occur when a huge number of items are on the floor.

You will not be able to carry more than one White Wizard ring, as it cannot be placed into a Store.



5.       Centralization



Castle Siege Server is now integrated into a main server.

Global chat is shared between both servers, VIP users will have a corresponding mark.



6.       Clicker



Game Client has a built in Clicker. It can be activated in settings, controls are same as on Avanta Clicker.

You still are able to use Avanta, for that you need to disable - in game clicker and Antialiasing in settings.

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