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Experience and Party

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All kinds of /party are working correctly on all our servers. It is especially effective to level up in groups on low-class and mid-class monsters, while the strongest monsters and bosses are most effective to be hunted solo.
For the gain of extra experience each party member needs to represet a different character class : 
- Bronze: 3 classes and 110% experience gain for everyone
- Silver: 4 classes and 120% experience gain for everyone
- Gold: 5 classes and 130% experience gain for everyone.
For monsters who are above level 64, additional experience is added. The stronger the monster, the higher it’s level. The formula for extra experience itself is different for parties and solo hunting to encourage fights for the stronger monsters and bosses rather than just kill the monsters collectively.
Solo: Exp = Exp + (Monsters level - 64) * (Monsters level / 4) 
In a group: Exp = Exp + (Monsters level - 64) * (Monsters level / 7) 
In this way the added experience is higher if the monsters are killed solo.

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