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Found 5 results

  1. Doing a quick search it seems that they drop on icarus, but I've been there for hours killing the queens and drakans and nothing.
  2. Hello! I have Wings of Darkness + 4 + L (W2 MG), and wanna trade for Wings of Soul + L (W2 SM) ingame nick: Ohnoo
  3. MrBean

    Trading wings

    Trade for (3rd) SM wings (clean).
  4. stageU


    Hey guys, i dont know if its bug or not but i have problem with wings. When i wear them and hit mobs i loose HP like they were reflecting my dmg. Only solution is taking it off, but i like my wings and how they increase dmg. I tried everything. More points in vitality doesnt work, angel doesnt work, autohp works shitty. What should i do? Looking forward for the answear.
  5. leeuwen


    HEllo how to make 2nd and higher wings? im noobish hahaha
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