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Found 2 results

  1. ReZero-

    Trade / Sell

    Sell server extreme[BLESS]: Accaunt 162 Achievements + mail Accaunt 204 Achievements + mail Wing of Conqueror+13+luck+duable demage Pendant of Fire+12+all Ring of Fire+12+all Ring of Poison+12+all Hades set+11+all Soley scepter+11+all Guardian Shield+13+all Night's Eage+13+all Salamander shield+13+all Sword Bracker+13+all DL 215 res 5GT 271 quest BM 216 res 45GT 281 quest PVP Sword of Betrayal+12+all PVP Salamander Shield+13+all PVP Sword of Dancer+13+all PVP Great Dragon set+14+all Sell Luxor[MUX]: none Buy Luxor[MUX]: Thunder Hawk gloves+0/+13+Luck+dd+++ Hydra Thunder Hawk Armor Hudra thunder Blade Wings of Darkness+13+luck+ignor
  2. Hello! I have Wings of Darkness + 4 + L (W2 MG), and wanna trade for Wings of Soul + L (W2 SM) ingame nick: Ohnoo
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