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Found 13 results

  1. popwar

    S> stuff on Phobos

    S> Elf ImNotAlone DL Addiction MG FastAsBee Pvp Sword of dancer +12 or the full acc (70+ achievs, 750+ bon) Pm
  2. Looking for good offer 15Opts total best set atm on phobos legal Armor not like CP's one
  3. -Kirito-

    Buy Phobos

    Buy: Storm Crow items +dd +hp +mana Storm Crow items +dd+ref+hp+mana
  4. BKsparK

    Dark Lord

    Please check the video and tell me what's wrong ? lol There clearly something not wright with the Dark Lords, I have one of the best gears on the server at the moment and this happens ? what's the point of playing other classes if u can get Dark Lord and kill everyone with out any gear lol here is the video u can see clearly what's happening - Dark lord stat's was not even for PvP just explain me what's the point of other classes then? if dark lord can do that
  5. We are always happy, when our old players returning and of course, when new players are coming. And more better, if whole guild will join to MUX! We would glad to meet new guilds on our project, so if you are Guild Master and would like to play on MUX project - read down bellow. You can participate in event only if you are player from a different server (not Bless, eGames or MUX project) To receive bonuses you need to write here: 1) Your guild name 2) URL to your guild topic 3) Introduce about you. History of your clan. Did you play here before? Note: Minimal amount of member in guild must be 5 players If guild master will execute all conditions - he will receive VIP status on 1 month and 1000 bonuses. Event will be conducted till 10 May. All awards you will receive in the same day.
  6. BKsparK


    Why should you choose our guild ? We have experience on this server. We know what as well as why. We would try to help you in the game aspect. We always tried to obtain high achievements having only hands and harmonious team game. We go to the bosses together and kill the together not one by one. We share the drop from the bosses ( of course it doesn't obtains to the newbies in the guild ), we don't put it on the market straight away. We try to develop the guild, not the single person. We try to arrive in any situation so that everything was frankly that all were satisfied. Who do we want in our guild: The one who can be trusted. The one who will fight for us to the end. It would be desirable to attract people, with experience of a game in MU (few years and more). Surely stable online (at least for the first two months from start of the server). We need people who will often sit with us in RC ( Raid Call ) who would communicate with us and fight for the bosses. Policy of guild: Inside of the guild not only Guild Master is deciding on inside guild aspects, everyone is deciding as a group ( guild senate ) If you are playing a lot and you are talking with us in Raid Call, you would have a chance to be in guild senate. Entering or being already a participant of guild, each player agrees and undertakes to observe the charter of guild. Guild Rules: You have to be respectful to participants of guild/alliance. Communication in a chat is allowed in any languages but mainly Russian ( as it is Russian guild ) The curse words in chat are not banned, how ever don't use it all the time. Do not flood. Application form to enter the guild. Name: Yours character link: Your age: Yours daily online ( afk/non-afk Why have you choose our guild ? If we would like you application we would invite you to the Raid call to talk to us. Make sure you have microphone and Raid Call OUR GUILD IS USING RUSSIAN LANGUAGE MAINLY
  7. Me and 4 of my friends would like to be YOUR refferal. We all are veterans of MUX Global and some of us are even from bless/egamez worlds. Contact me here on Forum for details. P.S. Russian or English languages
  8. Buy BK with good items on Phobos server! PM !
  9. PM me if you are intrested, my own price for the character is 250 bon+tax but we can go lower. https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=BratvA&serv=server5
  10. Selling: Shadowmere Cape of Lord +15+all Light plate set+13+L+DD 8% harmony + Dragon slayer shield+13+L+DD+8% harmony Pendant+rate; ring+dd DL 2 res, 156 quest Interested in bon or PP.
  11. Fanfan


    Good day. I do not remember from where it fell, or from box of luck, whether from the stars. But it is not particularly important. The big question ... What is it and why it is necessary?
  12. VeryMuch

    S> Titan +15

    S> Titan set +15 or Trade for Paewang set +15 S> BB +15 SOLD https://www.bildites.lv/a/rya4kcnq#jcz3z4tr Offer PM
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