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Found 4 results

  1. hey everybody, are you ok well, my question must be simple, but i haven't find a answer in the site, when i try to play in server NOVA or PHOBOS, show a message like 'account not exist' what i have to do to make a account to play in the NOVA server tks, sry by newbie question
  2. 1. My nickname: RomeO6662. The game server: x2003. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.94. Name the offender: Trolexs & MagiK Note: Trolexs is four time saw afk in tdm, so in my opinion, "the punishment should be for both accounts if it were to be checked by ip tracking". I guess can help with that point @Artur Note 2: second video shows afk to Trolexs, I had to cut between parts to save space and to upload it to youtube (this due to deaths), this video is in 4 parts with their respective data. Proofs: MagiK Trolexs Other proof if u can't see very well data Thanks
  3. Hello! I have Wings of Darkness + 4 + L (W2 MG), and wanna trade for Wings of Soul + L (W2 SM) ingame nick: Ohnoo
  4. Hi! I'd like to ask if there will be any activities on x200 Nova server? Never seen a GM there, any messages from em, do they exist? Thx.
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