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Found 2 results

  1. Quest "Lottery" The quest has started and will end on October 6th at 19:00! Welcome to this Quest players, rules are simple good luck and have fun everyone. The quest rules are following: For each round of the lottery, I guess a certain number of numbers. Your task is to guess which ones! In the first round of the lottery, I asked 5 numbers (from 1 to 9). Your task is to guess 3 numbers from those that I have asked. If you guessed 3 numbers correctly, you go to the second round and get 10 bonuses! If you guess 4 numbers, you get 15 bonds, and if all 5 numbers, then the winning amount for the first round will be 25 bonds. In the first round, you write 5 numbers! In the second round (if you have passed the first) of the lottery, I guess only 2 numbers (from 1 to 5). Your task is to guess both. If you guess the 2 numbers, you go to the third round and get 20 more bonuses! In the third round (if you were lucky in the second round) of the lottery, I thought of only 1 number from 1 out of 5 (1-2-3-4-5). Your task is to guess this number. You only have one try! If you guessed this number, you get another 30 bonuses, on top of what you won in the previous rounds! The numbers would be generated by me via random number generator after I would close the quest. Numbers are not repeated in one round. Only 1 answer option is allowed in one round. In the reply, we write your options for all three rounds at once. In your application, be sure to indicate your Nickname and the Server on which you play. Editing answers is prohibited. Edited answers will not be accepted (better to write a new post) For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO. Example application: Pinq / Luxor 1st round: 2, 3, 1, 6, 8 2nd round: 1, 4 3rd round: 5 Good luck to everyone!
  2. 200 lottery Tickets https://www.pic-upload.de/gal-1147280/111kih/1.html
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