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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I wonder if you could repair multishot skill. It doesn't hit all mobs like it should. Sometimes arrows just go through monsters and they doesnt receive any damage. Please check it in a while.
  2. Where we can make now harmony from gemstone???????
  3. toby


    I did the second tribute on legion and got only 8k stats points last time it was over 80k
  4. I have two characters on one account Elf and SM. SM i use after every hour. Why this system do like this half points put in one character and half to another one??
  5. I have same problem as this guy. That 3x2 free space you see on the screen acts like it's occupied. I can't put anything there and I also can't grab it to drop/sell anything that's supposed to be there. He says it was probably his PC, but I have no idea if MU stores some temporary data anywhere. There's "Temp" folder in the root directory, but it's empty. This bug persisted through a PC restart.
  6. stageU


    Hey guys, i dont know if its bug or not but i have problem with wings. When i wear them and hit mobs i loose HP like they were reflecting my dmg. Only solution is taking it off, but i like my wings and how they increase dmg. I tried everything. More points in vitality doesnt work, angel doesnt work, autohp works shitty. What should i do? Looking forward for the answear.
  7. adhoni

    PARTY BUG!!!

    I'm with my 3 pj party and leave and when I come afk said to be in party but are not because they do not earn exp
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