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  1. Zombie

    phobos 4.6

    4.6 good joke
  2. Zombie

    Christmas in MuxGlobal

    still no answer
  3. Zombie


    so the fact that eagle got banned for 4.2 is too a lie?
  4. Zombie


    wait, what? i saw u rec 4.2 him in comments (now that comment is deleted) and i guess pigi didnt even look at screen and just put 4.2 ban, i remember this quite well, couse the day before i was shocked, when guy who writed me in pm "ja teba v rot ebal" got 24h CHAT BAN and on the next day i saw this topic with word "krisa" and this guy got 3 days (or more) account ban.
  5. Zombie

    Christmas in MuxGlobal

    last year it was 100% violets
  6. Zombie

    ss 4.6

    well one guy pm me, that, he fck me in mouth i made topic and he got only 24h chat ban ^^ meanwhile guys on legion opening speaking in post russian got 36h chat ban, nice priorities
  7. Zombie

    ss 4.6

    piggi now gives only chat ban for this...
  8. Zombie


    1. My nickname: Alune 2. Game server: Legion 3. Which rule clause was violated:4.2 4. Nickname of offender: DOTA2 5. Proof. https://files.fm/f/fekzsaum
  9. Zombie

    DL Combo

    ure like teenage girl, over exaggerate everything
  10. Zombie

    DL Combo

    meanwhile DL does 1 in 5 seconds, so in that time mg or good BK can do 10-15 combos, while dl is doing 1
  11. Zombie

    DL Combo

    meanwhile MG does 3 combo in 1s and its legal
  12. Zombie

    DL Combo

    that would be great
  13. Zombie

    [19.07.2019] - Lottery ticket promotion

    and if i buy lotteries for bons, 2x more?