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  1. Limitless

    [18.01.2020] - New weapons and shields

    Thanks VeryMuch and Quattro for showing the light!! That means I have to clear my quests now!!
  2. Limitless

    [18.01.2020] - New weapons and shields

    For not, i can only hunt for the new two handed weapons at Crywolf. Those one handed weapons (and I am talking about normal ones) can only be hunt at Silent Grounds? zzZ
  3. Limitless

    [18.01.2020] - New weapons and shields

    The key thing is not everyone (except Castle Owner and his members) gets to access into Silent Grounds. Then in that case, who would find it exciting to play? It's so imbalance. The better ancient grade items only can be picked at LOT, so what else makes the game fun? There is totally no better alternatives, and that is why for long time later, the players will become lesser. It feels like you are adding new and better things just to keep old players alive and at the same time not attracting new players. Even if you do attract new players, they don't stay long after they get bored with it. The chances of getting one better item via Lottery is so slim!
  4. Limitless

    [18.01.2020] - New weapons and shields

    Thank you!
  5. Limitless

    [18.01.2020] - New weapons and shields

    Where is this "sg" that you mentioned?
  6. Limitless

    [23.12.2019] - The holiday comes to us!

    Is there some live events? Or increased re-occurrence of events? For example, there is only one rabbit event per day, why not increased the no. of events? Are we expecting Santa Claus event as well? Maybe after killing it, we can get green ribbon or a better grade type of excellent item or Ancient item of Grade B and above? I think the key is to attract more players to anticipate such great events and to be online!!
  7. X30 Aurora - B>Exc Hurricane Parts+DD+L Please mail IGN: Woshani for faster response.