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  1. Just put this project out of his misery and concentrate on bless. And for those who paid money in here, too bad I guess.
  2. MMOTOP.RU gave me 1 bonus instead of 2.
  3. Human

    Bug or what ?!

    It also happens with normal arrows. I didn't notice what causes it.
  4. Referrals achievement and bonuses reward should also be removed in my opinion, or atleast the reward.
  5. To me the game is just too old, clunky and most of the time monotone, and you guys can't change that for copyright reasons and/or resources, so I just stopped playing. Maybe should put more work on the details, like the UI the broken text of the NPCs ecc... (for example), or a radical change of some sort.
  6. TOPG.ORG isn't working again, worked fine yesterday, today I already voted 3 times and doens't work. On TOPG.ORG it says I voted successfully but the vote doesn't count on muxglobal.com Phobos
  7. All sites are now working for me. Phobos
  8. I can confirm, and sometime if you stay in the exact spot where he spawn there will be only ogres but not the White Wizard (alteast this happened to me once), and another thing I noticed is: if all four White Wizard get killed some time later a global message would appear saying: The White Wizard has retreated, and I guess that message should only come out when atleast 1 White Wizard is left alive, but all four of them got killed.
  9. Nevermind I don't know how to read apparently, there is the same monster with the same skin called Soram. Ops.
  10. Sometime some kills don't get counted by the game, not sure if there are other quests with this problem. And yes I'm killing the right monster, not the (Trainee) or whatever. Doesn't bother me too much, just wanted to let you guys know.
  11. Please leave as it is, with Grand Reset. Thanks.
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