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  1. Bagira

    Interesting screenshots

  2. Bagira

    Moving Legion to Phobos

    when you realise you are trashtalker you start argue about something else ? wouldnt wonder if i recieve RO aswell ^__^
  3. Bagira

    Moving Legion to Phobos

    You probably forgot how you wrote to Weissmann in PM on Pandora “come one, buy cpbiBok and help us versus furious” ... you are silly man mister typer. Only thing you can repeat is that trash story with charlyeen duel. But this is it. Silly screenshot and story told from mentally ill player don’t give up mister Ace
  4. Bagira

    Moving Legion to Phobos

    i was just reffering to typers words, he acts like a boss here with his sarcastic comments. i do understand your complaint. on LEgion are not many ppls it´s true, but also you are not alone, if you find 10 people who will agree to move to x5k, i bet there will be 30 who wont accept the merge. There are always many people who just want to farm an peace.
  5. Bagira

    Moving Legion to Phobos

    than just ask every single person ingame if he wants to join your guild (in case if your guild is not competitive). Also you can buy all donated chars on server that are no more active and the 3rd option is to bring 3 guilds together to get 50 players at CS and last one is to call all your mates from Bless project, to help you. TheAce aka TypeRs meta-strat
  6. Bagira

    Moving Legion to Phobos

    Nothing is impossible, especially if most part of legion era would agree to move to Phobos. The question is, who would be agree with being a cannon fodder on a server, where people running with 180 achieves, high tear sets with 3 options and 1000 w3/w4 +15 ^__^
  7. Bagira


    what is the price of elf ?
  8. Bagira

    lost zen

    Return me my zen for gods sake !
  9. Bagira

    TRIBUTE x5000

    this guy is funny
  10. Bagira

    B>> Set For DL

    Why so low price ?
  11. Bagira

    Chars x100

  12. Bagira

    Dark Lord

    Mg has 3 buttons for combo + 1 for ice + 1 for poison. I don’t think here are more than 1-2 ppls who are able to control all the 5 buttons and keep beeing stressless and focused on pvp.
  13. Bagira

    Chars x100

  14. Bagira

    Guild Tribute System and Tribute Chests

    But why don’t let people make grand reset if they want ? It costs 0 bons and gives a bit more points. Why not ? If people want this grand reset so much it would be only good bcuz at least you promised us a grand reset possibility.
  15. Bagira

    Guild Tribute System and Tribute Chests

    I am ok with system like it is. Only problem is ring of earth. With this system market will be alive for long. I like this system but I also would like to be able to Grand reset.