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  1. Bagira


    what is the price of elf ?
  2. Bagira

    lost zen

    Return me my zen for gods sake !
  3. Bagira

    TRIBUTE x5000

    this guy is funny
  4. Bagira

    B>> Set For DL

    Why so low price ?
  5. Bagira

    Chars x100

  6. Bagira

    Dark Lord

    Mg has 3 buttons for combo + 1 for ice + 1 for poison. I don’t think here are more than 1-2 ppls who are able to control all the 5 buttons and keep beeing stressless and focused on pvp.
  7. Bagira

    Chars x100

  8. Bagira

    Guild Tribute System and Tribute Chests

    But why don’t let people make grand reset if they want ? It costs 0 bons and gives a bit more points. Why not ? If people want this grand reset so much it would be only good bcuz at least you promised us a grand reset possibility.
  9. Bagira

    Guild Tribute System and Tribute Chests

    I am ok with system like it is. Only problem is ring of earth. With this system market will be alive for long. I like this system but I also would like to be able to Grand reset.
  10. Bagira

    Chars x100

  11. Bagira

    Chars x100

    DL 100rr, full quest + 2k stats + empire set +13+luck+8%ddi https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Weissmann&serv=server2 Elf 100rr, 269 quest + 2k stats https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Storm&serv=server2 For details PM me here
  12. Bagira

    Bonuses for Guild Master

    You can participate in event only if you are player from a different server (not Bless, eGames or MUX project)
  13. Bagira

    [6.04.2019] - Phobos x5000 is back and better than ever

    Sorry, you are really one of a kind
  14. Bagira

    [6.04.2019] - Phobos x5000 is back and better than ever

    it´s not your business who creats what and for what reason. Maybe he want to help his mates to creat vioelt fenrir ? His truely status is ingame, Forum is here for praying to admins and watching senseless Videos. But hey, if it gives you a nice satisfaction, you can already give him 4.18 x 10 times or Rule8, since you think the game is all and everything. You make me smiling