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  1. how set helps me kill u all in 2-5 twist ? bla bla bla man
  2. 2 fellas who always cry u died same when i had titan +15+dd
  3. who got banned doesnt play here anymore so ur opinion stick in (_O_)
  4. hey crybag my acc is cpbib )) i hope everyone who used different site will get banned )
  5. show me atleast 1 screen when i start argue first and without reason. if u are one of theeese nooobs who die from me then i got why u so mad
  6. well nbone told u are are prick not a first time gl on server )
  7. thats what all who die from me say :DDD btw, u left my guild becouse u wasnt able to take Asistant, so dont get mad at me, u just too low to kill my assistant
  8. CPbIB


    so FLippy should be banned for 4.6 becouse he agreed to talk about ma family
  9. maybe 4.18 cause they bothering all server on post maybe yes maybe no
  10. btw Flippy u told me u hate them and dont wana see senate playing on server ! what happened now mate ?
  11. well hotdog u went too deep in TheAce ass say hi to swollower nooobBK )
  12. 1. CPbIBoK 2. TypeR (i wish i could tell more) 3. 4.2 , 4.8 4. i dont think its unfair, problem is he is aiming at me only in post, u can see proof in my last 2 topics
  13. 1. My nickname CPbIBoK 2. the game Server x5000 Phobos 3. what is the point of rules broken 4.8 4.2 4. name of offender : noobBK and ViruS 5. proof
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