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  1. @Ivan Nebraska i already tried, and my SM -SensatioN is naked as u can see wich were transfered to Cheloo SM. Via a Trade here on Forum.
  2. Kinda scares me that im getting called Saladin wtf haha and no im not this guy. Ppl know me for Zeitgeist | Unbearable all the OG's from Mux know me ^^ and they also know that i stopped long ago. I found out that 1. yes you got all of that by a fair trade so your fine. EagLe is the one behind that it seems or who ever traded with you. Also not sure how the fk he got access to all of that coz we were not the closest of friends in that game ^^.
  3. 100% Sure coz like i said, i changed everything even Password befor i left the Server.
  4. ..... that doesnt explain why all my items are gone if thats the case and also why my sm -SensatioN is who knows where and all my Items are on the Sm Chelooo So if someone had the same acc on bless would the password be the same for both Accs ?! so he simply double chcked if there is another acc like his and did what he did ?
  5. Also i saw that, email got changed to boss.. something and i can name the old email
  6. Sup yall long time no see! Had a break for hmm over 6-7-8 Months? Imma make this short. Server: Phobos acc: sacoli1 char: -SensatioN Cant enter the account anymore and this is what he looks like now https://muxglobal.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-SensatioN&serv=server5 Somehow all the EXACT Items are on https://muxglobal.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Cheloo&serv=server5 Wich is hella weird! and NO noone had access to Acc not even email. And i didnt share Acc-info so it must have been with PW Change via Admin i assume but not sure Whats sure is that Bekali is selling the SM with all my Items = Complete Set, Weapon, Shield, and Accesories Maybe they did an emailchange ? If not i know the exact email aswell, oh man who ever did this he didn't thought this through XD I can name an Password this Acc had to 100% gonna write it to Admins via Discord :). Also you guys can check the IP from my last log in on that exact Acc + Email. Have a nice day yall
  7. Who the fk shat in ur head mate? Kebab and Hitler are 2 different things, stfu if u have 0 knowledge about World history ( War History) aight ? ds
  8. 1. My nickname: Zeitgeist2. Game server: x5000 Phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.1 ? | 4.2 ? | 4.6 ? (4.18) 4. Nickname of offender: Archik5. Proof: Like.. why do we have Racist people in our Community in our ( International Community ) also im Italien/German and Hitler isnt even from Germany.. thats some lack of Knowledge right there. Give this guy a slap on the backhead, noone needs ppl like this in our Servers.
  9. Darkeurai

    Legion x1000

  10. Darkeurai

    Legion x1000

    So.. i bought that Char 1 min ago.. but i cant find him and my bons are gone.. can someone explain me that.. pls .. ? Server x1000
  11. S> Sphinx Set +15 | SM Max rr 264 Quest A: 15+L+dd+ref+hp +28add +8%ddi H: 15+L+dd+dsr+hp +8%ddi G: 15+L+dd+ref+dsr+28add+8%ddi P: 15+L+dd+ref+dsr+28add+8%ddi B: 15+L+dd+ref+hp+28add+8%ddi Weapon/Shield F.O Guardian Shield+13 +8%ddi + PVP F.O Grand Soul staff+15+Wizz DMG Increase | MG Max rr 264 Quest S> Flameberge F.O +15 S> Ichor Set +0 S> Mayhem Set +0 S> DP Oblivion Set+0 BUY B> Mantle+L+9-12 B> Titan parts+dd+ref/hp 0-12-13-15 or any dd+1-2 opt.
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