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  1. Darkeurai

    Archik | Phobos x5000

    Who the fk shat in ur head mate? Kebab and Hitler are 2 different things, stfu if u have 0 knowledge about World history ( War History) aight ? ds
  2. Darkeurai

    Archik | Phobos x5000

    1. My nickname: Zeitgeist2. Game server: x5000 Phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.1 ? | 4.2 ? | 4.6 ? (4.18) 4. Nickname of offender: Archik5. Proof: Like.. why do we have Racist people in our Community in our ( International Community ) also im Italien/German and Hitler isnt even from Germany.. thats some lack of Knowledge right there. Give this guy a slap on the backhead, noone needs ppl like this in our Servers.
  3. Darkeurai

    Legion x1000

  4. Darkeurai

    Legion x1000

  5. Darkeurai

    Legion x1000

  6. Darkeurai

    Legion x1000

    So.. i bought that Char 1 min ago.. but i cant find him and my bons are gone.. can someone explain me that.. pls .. ? Server x1000
  7. Darkeurai

    S>>>Phobos MG

    11 bons
  8. Darkeurai

    Sell / Buy x5000

    S> Sphinx Set +15 | SM Max rr 264 Quest A: 15+L+dd+ref+hp +28add +8%ddi H: 15+L+dd+dsr+hp +8%ddi G: 15+L+dd+ref+dsr+28add+8%ddi P: 15+L+dd+ref+dsr+28add+8%ddi B: 15+L+dd+ref+hp+28add+8%ddi Weapon/Shield F.O Guardian Shield+13 +8%ddi + PVP F.O Grand Soul staff+15+Wizz DMG Increase | MG Max rr 264 Quest S> Flameberge F.O +15 S> Ichor Set +0 S> Mayhem Set +0 S> DP Oblivion Set+0 BUY B> Mantle+L+9-12 B> Titan parts+dd+ref/hp 0-12-13-15 or any dd+1-2 opt.
  9. Darkeurai

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    Your one of a kind that doesnt like " changes " and cant adept to new things huh? If u tell me that these Copy Paste Servers arent booring after 3 month u must be something else lol. Let the season be the same, but add atleast some chars.. or 2.5 Wings since some are still strugglin with W3 Wings. Make max lvl 1050 ( 400 basic lvls, 650 Master Lvls ) OR maybe an NON-RESET Server hmmm ? 1,5x EXP and let ppl Grind ofc no Donate Server. something like we gave alot of suggestions over the years here maybe take atleast one of them..
  10. Darkeurai

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    They dont need to code that much either tbh, every new season you can get for free lol. Only thing to code is their own " features "
  11. Darkeurai

    S>>>Phobos MG

    10 bons
  12. Darkeurai

    Polacy Legion x1000

    Excuse you ?
  13. Darkeurai

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    Current season is 15 Ep 2 again a new Char is about to come out. Name: Slayer
  14. Darkeurai


    Also, make sure your Direct X is up to date should be version 12.0 If you have Legit Windows 10 make sure ur also up to date Version 1903 For ingame settings u can lower the " Smog, Shine " effect in the Launchers Settings wich also helps alot. AAAND another " make sure " that ur drivers are up to date " that also makes a huge difference
  15. Darkeurai

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    Ye if u guys wanna change something than do it BIG, start trying to add New Chars, Master Tree, DETAILED " C " Ifnormation! Anything really " NEW ".. And not copy paste servers.. Zzzzz