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  1. yunuss

    MuX Photobook

    here is Flippy then
  2. it was same dp set anyway i dont wanna hear more lie enough good luck and if they will watch ur video they will see what u using for combo u re really intelligent player but i hope u will use ur brain mate u need more
  3. when u have this set u was dead and cant go from safezone at arena =)) i liked ur combo keep use it ^^ good night
  4. u re funny mate but im still wondering ur first combo so this fast 23 23 23 23 23 23 =)) but im sure it was ur fingers wrong nick ur nick should be speedddyyyy
  5. i remember 10 0 and i remember 2 and 3 days ago this top bk he just keep die there anyway he is top cheater
  6. thats why i said it but probably he forgot to crop here auto combo app same with sh he can use both together with hot keys and he thinking he is top bk but still cant make combo or dont know about bk combo keep use twisthing and regaful mate and really i like ur fingers working to fast 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 after cyclone and 123 123 123 123 nice one and good job good movie for ur cheats
  7. and im wondering now auto combo app free on this server ? auto combo app in general in same app with speed hack * his fingers cant work too fast like this
  8. hot keys * should check his acc
  9. yunuss

    x5000 sh guillotine

    u was try to out from safezone at bless arena remember it slyver u and 1 player more there i was alone anyway i hope they will check ur account i have 1 more video if they will not and on crywolf how u dead and couldnt kill me ?ofc after opened (idk what do you using for cheats) open it and im dead 1 sec im regret cause didnt record it i think u have hotkeys for sh close and open probably and im still top bk noob
  10. 1. My nickname: Flippy2. The game server: x5000 phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 2,24. Name the offender: Guillotine5. Proof: İ can see many numbers on my head and die tooo fast ,,, on this sv no one cant do it need to check and i m uploading now 1 video more about after asteroth dead how i dead in 1 sec
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