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  1. Bel4enak, I personally say that this is the wrong test. Try one or two attempts every day, then you will understand what the players want to tell you. No one can collect so many ingredients, these are not parts for red fenrirs
  2. Teko

    [21.03.2019] - Merging - Diablo to Pandora

    mby stop server at 13:05? :D we wanna win last cc in x200 :D
  3. Teko

    x200 Helheim

    Helheim, here you are a stupid dog! the tribunal and then where? I wildly trolled you yesterday! created an account "dogheim", made a bk with the same nickname. I first trolled you from him, then I thought that you took a lot on yourself and made a nickname like you, how did you like the puppy, did your ass not burn it? :D my foundation "Burial"
  4. Teko

    Jewel Mix

    i think u make all last updates like mu bless. before today update this is mix functions dont work
  5. Teko

    Jewel Mix

    Before checking, i closed the client and opened it again, waited for updates to be downloaded, went to check, here's reults