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  1. bạn có thể nhìn x1 mu.bless.gs
  2. Sorry i dont want make deal anymore. it's to exspensive to me with all i can give for deal. Can close topic here
  3. Ofcourse char bk x30 -Knight- with all item
  4. 1) Phobos x50002) Eternity-3) Selling : Char bk -Knight- x30 Aurora + Char bk CanabiS- x5000 Phobos + Wing 3rd bk L +12 + Great Dragon Set L dd ref +15 + Condor Flame4) Hellion + Wing 3rd bk L +15 + Crit dame 2% + Exc dame 2% + Crimson Shield FO +135) Ip-Man6) We will trade on web site (market) with password
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