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  1. Can i transform my accaunt there from Aurora? i dont have Donated items 0 % of donating.. Aurora is so booring and imo if server ll make that only 1 client will opened only during the game that will be awesome.. no multi accaunts and no 100 char farm in same time.. that will give better and clear result of server population :))
  2. LF Stormcrow parts luck+dd+ref LF Hurricane parts luck+dd+ref LF ThunderHawk luck+dd+ref LF Leather items lk+dd+ref+hp LF Brass Armor/Helm lk+dd+ref LF Scale Gloves/Boots lk+dd+ref Send me on mail or pm me in game: Cursed or Tyrant
  3. Cant donate via Paymentwall VISA at aurora trying to do it 3 days but failing

    Can u pm me?

  4. B> Crow gloves lk+dd+ref
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