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  1. Supreme

    Phobos x5000

    bk failed next mg fail next summoner?
  2. Supreme

    Ss Phobos

    and this guy wanna be senator? shame shame he don't know post rules ?
  3. Supreme

    Ivan - prisoner

    Weismann everyone is corrupted and only judge you peace
  4. Supreme

    SS Phobos.

    Go hell mr provocation and bihgest screamer in forum
  5. Supreme

    [28.12.2019] - New item craft system

    you don't say
  6. Supreme

    4.1 troika

    I take all the sentances , but that kebab for provocate need somthin special ....
  7. Supreme

    T>>w3 bk 15 2 opt

    All you can make is provocations , after that you can make screens
  8. Supreme

    T>>w3 bk 15 2 opt

  9. Supreme

    T>>w3 bk 15 2 opt

    T>>w3 bk 15 2 opt = w4+12+1 opt bk for more info pm ps. Im open for offers
  10. Supreme

    4.2 avatarmg

    Especially for flippy much ……
  11. Supreme

    Legion - Phobos

  12. Supreme

    4.2 WaNsOn

    it will never happen first of all get eu pasport to go strasbourg:D
  13. Supreme


    only 1 shit what i see here is you .. ps. 1 more victim to sybdrome everyone is corrupted and bla bla bla