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  1. Hello , my suggestion , is delte from list Bk Combo ( skil+regeful blow+twsiting slash) This macro programm who use many people of server , work great on that skills . So suggestion Delete that combo for that skills . I think admins can make a poll or leave a comment below about this . i can publish this programm. if you want it or send to admins to make anticheat . This is big problem for server , no fun play with that players who use it just turn on and see how combos are maked .
  2. here is answer for merger or new server so keep play ! ShanYesterday at 6:53 PM Посмотрим. Думаю новый сервер будет в будущем году. [6:54 PM] У всех была возможность начать играть на Эмпайре
  3. Belka with this update , make faster to empty servers on mux come 265k points for get flame for neebies its unreal
  4. Business here is easy they care now only blees project who is better than this so , they dont care about server with 60 and 90 online , for now newbies dont come here to dead project , this upgrade is good when you open new server not in dead server end so this is really big fail to admins . No merges no new servers i think we need find new project to play
  5. Supreme

    4.18 Nara

    Cry cry girls 🛩
  6. Better put flames in donate shop 64k 2 months for flame GL
  7. Supreme

    Trade Items!

    only play points not bons
  8. Supreme

    4.6 x30

    lol that server is dead as shit and you all make bans?
  9. Supreme

    Trade Items!

    Hah , that server have pvp options on set max worth set is 800 bon demon without pvp option is useless , hmm w4 13 fo ? Is useless without pvp opt but only pvp opt have w3 so useless items max you can recieve for that items here is w3 +0
  10. Supreme

    Trade Items!

    useless items on extreme
  11. Supreme


    This mase my day too , i think when you buy acc need to learn little bit about gameplay to start scream everyone have macro and bla bla
  12. it is verry bad idea image what that guys do in bless mu? if they dont take cs even with 150% baff they only want sell items for real there:)
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