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  1. Supreme


    This mase my day too , i think when you buy acc need to learn little bit about gameplay to start scream everyone have macro and bla bla
  2. it is verry bad idea image what that guys do in bless mu? if they dont take cs even with 150% baff they only want sell items for real there:)
  3. hmmm much swords on kebap ?
  4. Supreme

    ET bug

    Yes buggers must be ban , and take all wings and items flames who they farmer many months
  5. but no one works on turkey
  6. how can flippy buy play points if it in turkey paypal is disable for public use? hmmm smeels for cash incoming I think they need check by admins @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK
  7. Supreme


    Hey beagle , suck my sword and yes only you can do is cry in forum and ask to your fatty friend much to give recs , for shit talks tnx for ro and verrymuch start run summer is comming
  8. Ok senate give to ro for offtopic , but yes still cant run the mu
  9. no solution for this …. .
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