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  1. Stop drink , and start make fake clothes chigan
  2. You can catch sm easy in cc just use twist and try combo lol
  3. Before some days you said , forget about mux go empire play and get the items
  4. I have some questions , how you imagine merge to extreme ? At exxtreme has a pvp sets pets ? we dont have here any of set items on shops also pvp only at swords ? You think we can easy collect arrournd 55k to make ful pvp equipment??
  5. If the biggest problem is bonuses currency , then deatiny is already w4 fo when we buy sel them here for 20k. So i think its equal ,
  6. The Hardest part to make that merge is Bonuses price here and Destiny (inphobos 50% lower price ) And tribute items ( ok tribute items can cut or smth like that ) but what with bons ?
  7. ok belka @BeL4eNaK some suggestions for why make merge ? this server now is farm server we all the time do farm farm CC , and ancs dung lot . But i guess people want more atractive server bigger online , 90% of activ players have all what they want sets pets wings , rings weps ... i gues its now best time to do that . You before made and database merge with bless i gues tehnical its possible to merge server quick . Or made an Vote web personal pannel like for pets then we see what happens when players make an deccison
  8. ihave played with mg many times , that combo , make better mg because mg is lowest defenc in game . so its equal . but this bk combo is Shit when you make 32k vir 32k agi 20 str 15k ene you are beast on that combo bug . i sende you videos here is typer video imagine in pvp with pb + elfs baf+crit+ms
  9. with mg combo everything is fine but yes this bk Combo is bug so make delay for that use
  10. video already have belka and ivan i sended last week
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