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  1. Lord

    About Jewels

    I noticed something jewels disappears after a certain time of the inventory. it's a have any reason ? or this is bug ?
  2. Hello there i have any idea. Bless arena spot in pk on now but in my opinion atack off there what you think ?
  3. Hello There Staff Team. İhave problem with reset i got make reset he want 2 time 30 minutes waiting. im already waiting 30 minutes but now wanna again wait 30 minutes wtf ?
  4. what to do with quest & vote ?
  5. Hello there Staff team. i have a suggestion about Quest system. quest giving jewel, box, and items giving but my idea he giving EXP how would ?
  6. Hello there Staff team i have one problem about Free bonuses (vote) im doing vote but does not give bonuses ?
  7. im doing to make a vote but do not give any bonues that why this problem ?
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