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  1. yes, is my account. make me offers in PM with everything, i don't have price, i wait offers in PM for everything
  2. Sell GoodBoy max BK+items Sell -who- max SM+items PM for Offers
  3. GoodBoy

    BloodyCros 4.2

    BloodyCros, ArchAngel, Arawn, Liverpool, ArchJewel, ArchItems, Archltems, ArchAnc5, ArchAnc4, ArchAnc3, ArchAnc31, ArchAnc33, ArchAnc41, ArchAnc51, ArchWings, 13Arch1, ArchABDGD, ArchBC6, ArchBC7, 1ArchBC7, ArchDS5, ArchDS6, 13Arch really ? next time put invisible mode and is archangel ... with L not archangei with i SO YES IS SAME ACCOUNT
  4. GoodBoy

    BloodyCros 4.2

    IS SAME ACCOUNT, SO DOESN'T MATTER! or if i create everyday 1 new character? i can easy insult every1 ... because just 12hours ban ?
  5. GoodBoy

    BloodyCros 4.2

    so what? everybody know that you are gipsy .. and you saw me to tell you when you make something " nice gipsy" / "good job gispy" ?
  6. GoodBoy

    BloodyCros 4.2

    please recalculate the period of his ban... HE TAKE JUST 12hours of ban! and is second time when he taked 4.2 in this month 1 BloodyCros Rule 4.2 09:04 01.05.2018 21:04 01.05.2018 4.2 Humiliation of players in any form and the use of obscene language. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 12 hours * number of violations
  7. GoodBoy

    BloodyCros 4.2

    1. My nickname: GoodBoy2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2 4. Name the offender: BloodyCros5. Proof:
  8. GoodBoy

    BloodyCros 4.2

    and he never stop... please consider the last post...
  9. GoodBoy

    Arawn 4.1

    just 4.2 ? ppl think is normal if i am in some way ... to call me like that... or humiliate me? ? ... if i was gipsy ... how was then ?
  10. GoodBoy

    Arawn 4.1

    @Archangel is not your problem what I love ! everybody live their life !
  11. GoodBoy

    Arawn 4.1

    @ArchAngel and if i am gay you must humiliate me? if i had no arms you must humiliate me? if i have anything u must laught about that? i don't understand why u laught
  12. GoodBoy

    Arawn 4.1

    translate: GoodBoy: go to sleep BloodyCros: when you will call me on my name than BloodyCros: i will say you too BloodyCros: until that gayboy BloodyCros: macro user GoodBoy: run unicef BloodyCros: gayboy GoodBoy: you scare? GoodBoy: you stay hide? BloodyCros: i am in your front, gayboy
  13. GoodBoy

    Arawn 4.1

    and he never stop.
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