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  1. You can get Any FO set by doing resets on extreme server
  2. Weissmann


    what u want is a miracle not merge
  3. You would not say anything about admins even if they have deleted your char due to technical works, yes ?
  4. Weissmann


    And ? You are welcome to do tributes to get FO set on inferno. Well wings you have to farm bons for, to buy FO from shop.
  5. U have this on your main website of muxglobal server. My items will always stay with me - is wrong, you took some of items due the work we dont even know what on. Nobody needs VIP compensation on a dead server, but items people were working on are gone. But hey, people understand that and make topics in lost property section of only MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS . Why can´t u guys be that good and restore 5 little USELESS things for YOU but maybe important things for the players ? here is delayed service, admins dont give you a feeling of caring about you and even due to their own mistake - you guys dont want to cooperate... I personaly lost nothing, but even myself feeling very disapointed on that situation... You might not caring on what players say, but at least cary on thing YOU HAVE POSTED ON MAIN WEBSITE , thanks...
  6. Weissmann

    Wings lvl

    Go duel with low level when the wing is red and once again with high level. And see the numbers
  7. Weissmann

    Account Phobos

    S > This account + email
  8. Weissmann

    Wings lvl

    Same on elite horse in CC, damage works, absorb not
  9. Weissmann

    Wings lvl

    Damage should work, absorb not
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