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  1. Weissmann

    Server Maintenance

    how this terrible idea even comes up to mind to make SM more powerfull than it is now with such boosted teleport that´s even faster than fenrir ?
  2. Weissmann

    Server Maintenance

    oh wow
  3. Weissmann

    S > Legion = Phobos

    S > Legion 3 bless + 15 bon = 7 bless + 35 bons phobos !
  4. Weissmann

    ss 4.6

  5. Weissmann

    ss phobos.

    lol dude, thats pretty silly
  6. Weissmann

    Bless Arena

    it´s possible, but not easy.
  7. Weissmann

    Bless Arena

    it calls Bless Arena. It´s main PVP map on this server. There will be a lot of fights in future and lvling up there is not a safty place to leave char on. Adn by the way, jewels in your inventory will dissapear with each death on BA spot.
  8. Weissmann


    how much ?
  9. Weissmann

    Language in Post

    there will never be a merge with x30
  10. Weissmann

    Language in Post

    i can asume you all high rate servers will merge with x5000 in furute. That´s what phobos was made for.
  11. Weissmann

    [9.11.2019] - Winter is coming with the new Legion x1000!

    Best update so far
  12. Weissmann


  13. Weissmann


    as soon as you withdraw your bons to a server you recieve them. This system still work on egames and bless projects by the way. many players stil ldont know how to use craft system, it doesnt mean there is no use of it.
  14. Weissmann


    after donate your bons were droping on bon-site or bon-web service. From there you could choose what server exactly you want to withdraw your bons to. Of course It only counts for bons via donation system. especially in cases like this it would be very helpfull.
  15. Weissmann


    Dear Senat/Administration, does it make sense to get back old Bon-Site service since you have got 3 active servers with hopefully after opening x1000 more than 400 active players in total ? I guess it would keep economy alive even between servers, or are there any "anti"-arguments ?