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  1. Exactly, noobs always need some extras, that’s why you have 10% more
  2. Weissmann

    Items x5000

    Close please
  3. you think you have chances of not getting 3 kills while the fight bcuz you wear heaven´s divider ? what kind of fights are these ^^
  4. Yea, very relevant, for some1 who has resources for creating divider, does he spend 30 Cp or 60 for clearing his PK status, very relevant !
  5. 1. Weissmann, acc : ok23 pendant fire, ring fire and poison GT +12 2. obtained in game process. 3. 09.04.21 from morning till 17:00 4. How items have disappeared - no idea 5. vault number 2 or 3 6. Was the Safety Mode is activated? - no
  6. Good question ^^ but let’s be honest, this option is useless anyways and I doubt you get 100% of no penalty with 2 swords
  7. It literally doesn’t matter, only reason to create such weapon is a bigger damage. But I guess it’s just 50% for each kill. and about dual wielding, what does it mean ?
  8. Weissmann

    Items x5000

    Selling good DL with many achieves!
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