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  1. if it worked once with furios, doesnt mean any +/- active guild can do same thing aswell, come on guys, be realistic
  2. Weissmann

    S > x5000

    close please
  3. than you have to invite friends to play with you, if you play on server where nobody goes to TDM
  4. what do u mean ? there is a rule 4.9 and if someone reports you - you gonna get ban, whats wrong with it ?
  5. When some changes come to any of my bless server - it effects to every other server aswell, they might change it on muxglobal, if enough people will let them know about it.
  6. Weissmann

    4.18 Nara

    it calls mobbing, and mobbing is not welcome here, its not welcome anywhere
  7. Weissmann

    4.18 Nara

    are you serious or you just pretending to be that fool ? it´s 4.18 nobody gives a fck about date etc -.- what he reported is the "madness cry" everywhere and always... Geez
  8. Weissmann

    S > x5000

    Up, nice prices - pm
  9. It’s new feature. Now new players cannot even buy flame without getting all the rewards once befor. So you have to take every box at least 1 time to be able to buy flame. Good luck
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