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  1. Weissmann


    This might be the reason. contact admins via Skype for more information.
  2. Weissmann

    Chaos castle time

    DS opens its gates also every 2 hours.
  3. Weissmann


    Lasha ur religion allows you to scam people that dirty way ?
  4. Weissmann


    But why did you write „done“ if he didn’t pay ?
  5. Weissmann


    But how to understand this one ?
  6. Weissmann

    phobos x5000

    There are many other ways to buy PP, not only paypal.
  7. Weissmann


    Racist Senat member on international server
  8. Weissmann

    something is wrong

    Sometimes she is even ignoring Typers "recs" and doesnt give any ban to Ace Her methods are nice, copy past nicknames and not reading them after all, thumbs up.
  9. Weissmann

    Phobos->bless deal.

  10. Weissmann

    We want new server

    https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=news best example of successful non donate server. 2200 online even on a “Russian speakers” community. Same international server could make a big boom, especially in the quarantine period.
  11. Weissmann

    Lost Pendant x5000

    true, thx for helm can be closed
  12. Weissmann

    Lost Pendant x5000

  13. Weissmann

    Lost Pendant x5000

  14. Weissmann

    Lost Pendant x5000

    1. account : ynsyk server : x50002. no clue3. last 7 days from today4. no idea, it was in the 2nd or 3rd vault with another jewleery and jewels5. Pendant of Wind +13+FO6. Safety Mode was not activated
  15. Weissmann

    Phobos->bless deal.