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  1. Should I worry about those weird symbols in chat?
  2. MGfighter / Legend 1-25 2-36 3-19 4-20 5-21 6-24 7-22 8-34 9-31 10-28 11-30 12-23 13-26 14-32 15-33 16-27 17-29 18-35
  3. MGfighter


    idk,send it
  4. MGfighter


    No,that rule is for /post,in any other situtations you can use any language
  5. MGfighter

    Dyrb X100

    Thanks for saying,i fixed it,now its good?
  6. MGfighter

    Dyrb X100

    1. My nickname: MGfighter2. The game server: x1003. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2(or something with spam)4. Name the offender: Dyrb5. Proof:
  7. MGfighter

    MuX Global Video

    Here is what i think about this little guy. And yes,best song(Censored ofcorse)
  8. MGfighter

    Weissmann 4.9

    But Weis,you know that many players insults him,and he wants to stop it,and this is the only way(in his thoughts).But seriosly,can you all just stop insulting him? Then all this reports will be stoped .Btw,it was funny at start,but its stupid now,and not funny anymore.
  9. MGfighter / MGfighter / Legend x100 screenshots 1: https://imgur.com/a/gGivo 2: https://imgur.com/a/GWbpH
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