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  1. NeeO

    Physical / Wizardry

    you make 4Wings and Deamon, anc hurricane set +13+harm 8% put stats full str 25k agi full vit rest ene and u will be killing everyone whit power slash
  2. NeeO


    @BeL4eNaK FIX THE GT PLS before WW3 started we don't have a lot of time left!
  3. NeeO


  4. NeeO

    Piercing Leather Update

    LOL, I don't understand have u even test it? it will not change anything u need to decrease it down to max 5-10% fo full set. omg, that's way admins never understand anything from gameplay, I will tell you some secret Dark Lord doesn't give a deam for reflection and FS is one of the fastest skill in-game. Just letting u know it will not change anything when u lower by fue %