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  1. flipp


    U mean bon is price s are changed?
  2. flipp


    İs this a joke or what ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. flipp


    ro for flood pls thanks
  4. flipp


    My nickname: GoBLeeN2. The game server: x5000 phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.12 4. Name the offender: We4kneSS , LEnnor , savage , Angelika 5.https://prnt.sc/t2184q
  5. flipp

    [17.06.2020] - Easy start for new players

    maybe better to do like before to make them after the first rr 20 or 25 rr directly ? also maybe if u make the server with full stats(like old phobos) can bring the players back
  6. flipp


    violet sold to . still looking for bk w4 l ignore +12-15 if have one pm me . can close this topic thanks
  7. flipp


    Elf items are sold! violet fenrir is still up ! Also still looking for BK W4 L+ignore+12/15
  8. flipp


    Update Selling List SplitFire FO PvP = 6k+tax or 3 flames Bolts FO PvP = 6k+tax or 3 flames Faith Set ; Armor L+dd+ref+13+ddi+8% FOR THESE ELF İTEMS U CAN OFFER ANY RANDOM 4 LEVEL WINGS Helm L+dd+mana+13+ddi+8% Pants L+dd+13+ddi+8% Gloves L+dd+13+ddi+8% Boots L+dd+13+ddi+8% Violet Fenrir = ANY 4 Level Wings + Black or Blue fenrir or bonus(or bk w4 l ignore +12-15) Looking For Buy BK W4 L+ignore +12/15 Leave Pm here or in game --YunusK--
  9. flipp


    or can trade violet fenrir with BK w4 Luck+ignore +12-15
  10. flipp


    https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Angelika&serv=server5 trade this elf with all items on it (except violet fenrir) = bk w4 L+ignore +13-15
  11. flipp

    4 level wings

    not pretty anymore its gone lol
  12. flipp

    4 level wings

    im not joking dude . its really failed at +10 thats my 2nd w4 to fail at +10 not the first time also failed 3 time with 90 % before and failed 1 violet to when was 80% lol
  13. flipp

    4 level wings

    close it pls wings failed at +10 :D:D
  14. flipp

    4 level wings