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  1. AvanG


  2. -SyssT3m- Phobos 005 004 Q: Wrong
  3. AvanG


    S> -SyssT3m- elf 281 quest w4 bk +13+attack return Splitfire +15+pvp Bolt+15+pvp Demon red spirit sett +13 Helm , Armor +dd+ref+dsr Pants , Gloves , Boots +dd+dsr PM the offers!
  4. its ok but its bllshit it was my player and my items and one guy stole it and i should pay for back them ?
  5. so how much should i pay for back them ?
  6. so i cant take my stuffs and char ? u can check ip adreesses when its sold it wasnt me
  7. i didnt forget my char name but i didnt sold it
  8. yes Equalizer its sorry for wrong write i edited it on post
  9. equalizer is nick name if u check my acc u can see this bk how its lost idk
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