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  1. VeryMuch

    Server Maintenance

    So GL to everyone who is not SM to run after WW. Or like now in Kanturu Arena, sm just speed jumping arround the map and killing all bosses. B>SM with full agi, need to finish FP achivment.
  2. VeryMuch

    Server Maintenance

    how about this?
  3. VeryMuch

    vip kantru 3 ks

    So, wait! It is not allowed to ks? Why ppl even lvl up in Aurora? Isn't Aurora like fully donate server where everyone have everything maxed out.
  4. VeryMuch

    Quest system full list

    Everyone knows that.
  5. VeryMuch

    Lost Night Edge FO

    1. 250lvl , kitten1, Phobos2. obtained in game process.3. 29.11.19 15:404. In a process of puting item from Valut to Virtual Valut, item just dissapeard.5. Night Edge +13 FO6. No
  6. VeryMuch


    1) Basic 2) Basic + wings You are WELCOME!
  7. VeryMuch

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    wtf are you talking about? You only come here to talk shit or what? We are here to play game not to talk with rats like you. Like rly what are you trying to say? Go back in to your cave and don't come out of it. Attract new players? To what? To new server, not to old ones. Brainless shit.
  8. VeryMuch

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    thx for killing only fun server on Mux. (I'm talking about Phobos, because everything else suck on this platform, phobos was always the best most fun server, the new phobos and old one)
  9. VeryMuch

    [6.11.2019] - New Endless Tower Event!

    Are points clearing at end of the mounth or it's only rewards renewed?
  10. VeryMuch

    [6.11.2019] - New Endless Tower Event!

    It's all around good event, at least something new. But there are some bugs that should be fixed. Yesterday 2 times we went to Endless tower and bouth times couldn't go higher any levels only because monsters was spawning outside the map. 1st time -> 2nd time ->
  11. VeryMuch


    And who said that I'm only doing 50 lvl?
  12. VeryMuch


    so who is killing? Idk I just did 50 lvl on my referal everything seems okay. psychopathic madmen hell. Is that a place like worst than hell?
  13. VeryMuch

    Top Bk

    that's all for real money not bons. He scammed all his friends he not gonna play there anymore
  14. VeryMuch

    Top Bk

    since when this is top bk? Mby 3rd in top or 4th. How much for brave?
  15. VeryMuch

    x5000 Phobos ViruS 3.1

    still no date in video, that screen can be from anywhere, not even same chat conversation in video and screen. And video is still not by the rules.