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  1. Karupapa

    Craft suggestion

    Craft suggestion: Smelt material: Ancient items > Ancient dust (item grade (itemgrade+item level) = dust amount ) like: Warrior Leather Helm (grade 6) = 6 dust Warrior Leather Helm (grade 6) +9 = 15 dust Pantheon Great Dragon Helm (grade 104) = 104 dust Pantheon Great Dragon Helm (grade 104)+9 = 113 dust Using on craft: Crafting item grade x 1000 dust = add 1 aditional option on item if sucsess. Top items (max set) item grade x 2000 dust *if craft system make +1exc opt item its +2exc opts *if craft system make +2exc opt item its +3exc opts *... *If item has max opts by craft on server (5/6 depending on server), then item level would be +11 Create: Excellent Legendary Helm (Grade 50) would be 50 x 1000 = 50 000 Dust (dust lost on fail) Excellent Brave Armor (grade 128) would be 128 x 2000 = 256 000 Dust (dust lost on fail) just a thought but would like to know what people / admins think about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Предложение по крафт системе: Плавильный материал(пыль) для крафта: Ancient Items > Ancient dust (item grade + item level ) = dust amount Пример: Warrior Leather Helm (grade 6) = 6 пыли Warrior Leather Helm +9 = 15 пыли Pantheon Great Dragon Helm (grade 104) = 104 пыли Pantheon Great Dragon Helm +9 = 113 пыли Как это будет работать в крафт системе: грейд вещи для крафта * 1000 пыли = +1 рандомная опция в случае успеха топовые вещи: грейд вещи для крафта * 2000 пыли = +1 рандомная опция в случае успеха *если на крафт вещи есть 1 ехе опция получится 2 *если на крафт вещи есть 2 ехе опции получится 3 и т.д. *если крафт вещь уже имеет максимальное количество опций (5 или 6 в зависимости от сервера), то в случае успеха уровень предмета станет +11 Пример: *для Exc Legendary Helm(grade 50) нужно 50*1000 = 50 000 пыли (пыль сгорает в случае неудачи) *для Exc Brave Armor(grade 128) нужно 128*2000 = 256 000 пыли (пыль сгорает в случае неудачи) p.s.: это просто идея, хотелось бы узнать что другие игроки и администрацию думают об этом, цифры тоже выбраны случайным образом
  2. They can reduce aurora +fo items to +2/3 options. They have done such things before with merge
  3. 5000 combinations is imaginably hard ? guild limit is 25? 5000 / 25= 200 combinations, its for 2 weeks, so 200 / 14 days = 14,3 sucsessfull combinations per day for each member Getting that each Chaos goblin mix works, gemstone refine work, HRS refine works, lower refine works. then even 50combinations per day should not be too hard. Or the time has passed so much that 15chaos per day is a enormous amount of worth theese days (assuming Gemstone & HRS refine not working) Back when i was playing chaoses had no worth, sorry. And with 10000 yewel quest, it would be 30 sucsessfull yewels per player each day. I would say server is DEAD, if theese quests are not possible to make. >>> MERGE WITH AURORA as usually
  4. @Arthur maybe you check it up, as players are refering it is not working properly. As popwar sed theese combinations should be working, Specially about such a large amount of combinations needed.
  5. They work for Alcemy achievement which is also for chaos machine, that why i thought to suggest to try it. As i sed i dont play here anymore thanks to administration. Just checking forum time to time
  6. you know I played before when there were no Guild Quests. But i made max Alchemist achievement on 2 accounts with just making harmony yewels from gemstones. Thats why I think its possible.
  7. There are 12 dragon invasions per day, even if u get 10 gemstones per invasion, then its 120 per day. And guilds dont have ewry week the guild quest to make sucsessful chaos mixes. My point was to "think ahead and collect before you get the quest"
  8. Collect gemtones and keep them, mixed with 30 packs in vault and when you get this guild quest, take your guild and go refine them. I assume refining gemstones to Harmony yewels works same as for achievement "Alchemist", also works making HRS from exc items and making LRS from normal items. If you say you are active guild, then collecting tons of gemstones from dragon invasions should not be an issue. Rabbit invasions give alot of yewels to make Soul / Bless potions Medals / Stars give tons of items to make easy Chaos weapons combinations This is just a suggestion
  9. Karupapa

    MZU x30 Aurora

    They made anal warning for tsunamina, now reporting ewrything. I think should ban him for FAKE reports.
  10. LOL, 24h is nothing, when i got bons via paypal it took a week and with communication with Arthur.
  11. Karupapa


    @Arthur you guys refused to put lower options like 10/10 or 15/15. Even when ALL who voted for 15/20 (as it was lowest option) were asking for lower options.
  12. Karupapa

    Senate members

    Administration has a special ability "ignore players" and its at 1000%