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  1. mrGR33N

    S> mrGR33N

    Sell mrGR33N Shadowmere W4 full +14 Stryker Scepter Full +14 Sunlight Set full + DDI+8 +13 Dragon Slayer Shield L+DD+RATE+ZEN + 15 Ring of Fire Full +13 + ACC 125 achievments + many valuable items = PP (PM Me)
  2. can someone give my fcking bons back ?
  3. I bought bons but havent recieved yet
  4. who will help me ? i want my bons back ACC: randogogol
  5. And look 5:27 he got DC after he kill --Sylver--
  6. And it will be 3rd ban for SH
  7. Dil..Man are u crazy? 3.1 It is forbidden to create multi accounts and continue to break the rules of the forum. where didi u see multi accounts Dil..Man?
  8. If someone call me Caucasian its rasistic? or Georgian? Tzipy u think that " cigan" is bed world ? or it is shame? WTF its ethnic name lol . ban for this it is bullshit !!! Dil..Man
  9. LooooooooL FuLLBM Troll himself Are u stupid? He reports himself lool
  10. mrGR33N

    FuLLBM x5000 Phobos

    hmm, Today FullBM kill L33T with 1 skill. i dont have video but every one knows that he is cheater And it is dissgusting to play with him. So admins do something . He was banned one time for Speed Hack .
  11. mrGR33N

    x5000 L33T

    lol. today on TDM me, L33T and NbONE was in same team Anyway he dont have Screenshot after video So u are lying . Next time take screenshot after video!!! ohh i remember that u guys didnt hit eachother so i will record tomorrow GL NOOBS :*
  12. mrGR33N

    x5000 CocainE

    "Tzipy boy do u have down's syndrome? "
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