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  1. UP , FAST and good price . pm here or in game .
  2. Look at the 3:20 minute of his real dmg Mzu in me. Almost 0 ... it is simple to realize the truth .
  3. It should be noted that he and I had each the same buff: buff elf + buff website + mana shield ETC, so in CS dmg in the half , he can not kill me even in another normal map as much as he would try but in cs. canon tower gives me very little dmg, 10-15 k and does not hit very fast, it hits very rarely every 5 seconds approximately. That's right, I do not need to use f10 because I do not decrease my life even at half-time even if there are 5 opponents on me. He knows and MZU and everyone as if they do a duel with him will end 10 to 0 for me (if he does not use SH again). With what buffs he wants and how he wants it is clear and 100% that a bk can not die in the CS so do not try to take defense, it is best to let the staff decide and maybe want to show us proof :)
  4. Make test in game anything , 2 dl vs me and you see ... in normal map no in CS (dmg half )
  5. We really look forward to seeing his logs not just words, we want to see them. And I have no idea what stupidity M-Z-U is talking about, I do not even know what he says he never heard of, criminal organization? wow. Where can such ideas and inventions come from his head I really can not understand, but already everyone knows he's not doing well with his head (he has problems). Nobody can understand it
  6. You give me a 10kg dmg on another map where dmg is double to cs (there is a half) and that's why we have finished deciding who is able and we want to see the log.
  7. I agree with the new rule against false accusations after you have been checked for this accusation. It is impossible to kill a bk 35 rr (192 achievements) + Buff Elf + Buff Website + All Items +15 + Shield Skill in 1 second. All who are bk with items Full Option I know what I'm saying. You can not do this on any other map where dmg is normal but especially in castle siege where dmg is half. Please check and post the log.
  8. -FuLLBM- x30 Aurora 2.2 M-Z-U proof video:
  9. Sell BM , nick FuLLBM , Set Brave FO+15,2 Weapons Fo+15 , Wings lvl 4 +15+FO , Pendant +2x Rings FO+15 , Demon , Shield FO+15 , all Quest , pm in game. Picture here : https://imgur.com/a/h69pw https://imgur.com/a/h69pw
  10. Another idea what you can do to be able to buy achievments. Example 1 achievments = 100 bons
  11. FuLL


    BANNED !!!
  12. Big Rasist !!!!! BANNED
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