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  1. Spectre/ Aurora 1- 6 2- 25 3- 11 4- 16 5- 22 7- 12 8- 28 9- 13 10- 33 14- 29 15- 34 17- 26 18- 35 19- 36 20- 21 23- 31 24- 32 27-30
  2. Spectre / Aurora a1-b1-b2-c2-c3-d3-d4-e4-e5-f5-f6
  3. Spectre / Aurora a1 - a2 - b2 - b3 - b4 - b5 - c5 - d5 - e5 - e6 - f6 Unfortunately you have been eaten by monster.
  4. I understand and the numbers are just an example, I think it is possible to have the level they have and maybe it is also possible in 45-50 or 60 days to reach level 400 with an sm or mg
  5. he said seal of healing, i test in nova with hight reset and does not help much. Not to mention that it is very expensive and lasts little
  6. i only talk guild tribute... no 200 reset I just made a comparison, to see if I could understand that I think there are players who deserve the 35 they gave and maybe others do not, But that the change seemed fairly fair and I do not think it is as unfair as he says. Sorry if I offended him or you plays on the server aurora .... I just say that it's not all the time if not the effort put into things. best regards
  7. I understand your point, But need only look at ranking, you say always online but have only 200 hour more loki in 4 month or more say join event... but in 1-2day max can join bc7 ddan has 23 bc and loki can join bc7 and ds6 1 day ago in nova he have 10 guild tribute= 10 reset with 2% experience, 1 reset for week maybe... you play with number 6 or 7 reset 2% = 1 reset 0.33 7day=1reset with 2% 7x6=42 day for 1 reset with 0.33 he have to do it more or less pd: I give my account so I do not play on the server aurora, I only speak from the ignorance and from the statistics sincerely
  8. spectre


    1:char name: Loki 2:Origion of lost items . Bought in SMS shop 3:Date and time ( 13/12/16) 4: To go out to mix fruit in the page Or leaving the blood castle. And just the day before i changed his password. I do not know if it will affect 5: Spirit of Guardian And I get available right now 6: no.
  9. yes, If I gave them directly in bon server, I already bought 1 time and I gave them in bon site and then I transferred them
  10. hello: my brother too buy 3450 bons in server nova but didn't get any lottery tickets. login: crazy22 He bought on 19.11.2016 23.33 . help 19.11.2016 23:33 Unknown transaction + 3450
  11. spectre


    wtf?? neutral can participate and kill anyone, in this case they would kill everyone, i dont understand this post
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