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  1. LorduBM


    Glorious helm / gloves hp+dd/dd+ref +0-12 Sunlight helm +dd +0-12 Paewang pants gloves +dd +0-12 mail with item and price thanks
  2. LorduBM

    x5000 ViruS 4.2

    1. My nickname: Nb0NE2. The game server: x5000 PHOBOS3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.24. Name the offender: ViruS5. Proof: https://imge.to/i/vc0Dx1 https://imge.to/i/vc0rNx https://imge.to/i/vc0i00 https://imge.to/i/vc00EO https://imge.to/i/vc0psG https://imge.to/i/vc0KVq
  3. Merge server will be great maybe some players active will come to play . Make it first to both server dead!!!
  4. LorduBM

    HotDog x5000

    3.1. It is forbidden to use errors of the server (bugs). By error means any actions, that not provided by gameplay and aimed to personal benefits.
  5. LorduBM

    HotDog x5000

    hahahah Dont look on record Timer Take a look on CS timer 0.3ms he make 2 combo :)))))) omg he got 20 FINGER :)))) and is not visual BUG
  6. Let’s finish this story I think better think on bring ppl active on server:) add some advertising events not only on start server. about that char my opinion is ban all he got there but some items are obtained in game but with cheating set . So first to give free the items he got with cheating I think it was better to ask the ppl on server. WHAT HAPPENED WITH FLAME EVENT!!! Or wait still remain 20 ppl on!!! best regards , add quests for Full stat , add new achivment , add new bosses, don’t stop here boys keep ppl active. 1 event x week will not keep ppl active. And btw advertising is all. buy for 1 week advertising on YouTube or google. U will see how population will grow.
  7. LorduBM

    Flippy Phobos 4.10

    If he click wrong he don’t keep it I think u need more the. 1 min movie to prove he keep switch.
  8. If I was in that guild doesn’t mean I did or I got something from them
  9. the problem is not only the items they used ! thye sold many for bons i think! they got advantege to buy real droped items from other players with bons they got on bug items. u should check all ! Take account all ! all events u loosed becouse they used bug!!!! the advantage they got !!! I want ally punk box i lost against them !!!!
  10. Just keep this crap wars for u guys don’t involve ppl :) btw at the end what u win with this war ? They are less then 10 bk in server And u fight for what!!!! Items ??? Proud?? Orgoglio???? Is just a game boys keep testosterone for girls :) game -an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.
  11. LorduBM

    Fix alt+f4

    Can u fix the bug it should be easy because now u have location seal . All disconnect respawn to Arkania is like after rr setting in SQL SERVER. And no one will do more alt+f4 . what about event with flame reward any progress. Or wait to be under 100 on
  12. LorduBM


    Kids is just a game :))) take a brake and turn back :;))) relax nobody get nothing if u ban 1 by 1 ... anyway control language:))
  13. LorduBM

    4.6 Nb0NE

    if u thin this is an offence Btw now nobody can say mum , mummy becouse got ban? what is bad in blow in a cake???? How u extinguish candle with watter??? !!! and poor cake i dont think is an offence NVM !
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