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  1. Update: Servers Phobos and Extreme will be turned off on 14.09.2021 at 15:00
  2. Emp

    Bug Reports

    Fixed. Try now.
  3. Give us please Account or Name with problem
  4. Emp

    lost zen

    Sorry for inconvenience. Your money in your warehouse.
  5. Emp

    ArbuziK ALT+F4

    15:05:19 [OverUnder] (PkLevel = 3) Killed [ArbuziK] (PkLevel = 3) Pos:(1,156,172) 15:05:28 [ArbuziK] Command recv: /warp Dungeon 15:05:28 [MoveMap][ArbuziK] : (Before:Map:2 X:235 Y:15) -> (New Map:1 X:3 Y:17) 15:05:35 PartyMember(2) :[Pirojok], [ArbuziK] 15:05:40 PartyMember(3) :[Pirojok], [ArbuziK], [Beasty] 15:05:43 PartyMember(4) :[Pirojok], [ArbuziK], [Beasty], [AKUMA] 15:05:45 [Using Item] [Charm of Raise] [ArbuziK] Die Position Map:[1] X:[156] Y:[172]
  6. You have recieved bonuses for OverUnder already. Another account fixed and received reward.
  7. Emp

    Lottery problem

    Fixed. https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=donate
  8. Emp

    KD event

    Fixed. Just update your client via Launcher.
  9. Servers are online. Information about the updates will be available later in the news.
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