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  1. well in aurra the top character is a bk, 1 vs1 no one can kill him go watch Knight, in cs he used to kill our full DL + other sm at the same time , i think u are doing something wrong , bk are the strongest one , i would change set and use reflect hp if u want to kill them with ur reflect, cos full buff u will have like 300 and mmore hp + auto hp pot and reflect , they will kill them self with shield and skill all the time then u can combo to other ppl or for tank DDin set +dd in harmony Knight all his life used ashcrow set+15 only with dd +dd from harmony, and he was so damn hard ,
  2. infest-ringo


    re isntal teh mu, i did the same
  3. infest-ringo


    +1 , its true, asels and his 2 friends already quit game , and i hear 1 new with out guild will quit too , GJ admisn and elen =) anyway elen soon they will get stronger and u will do nothing =) , and be happy im on final test , BTW loki and me +otehr members will start hauntin all SQUAD guild +alliance same as u do this to us , we will do to them
  4. infest-ringo


    caprio ur untivirs put mu in quarantine , u msut search it , and restore it , and u will play again, atm ur antivirus is blocking it , it things its a virus
  5. dude we are in x200 and trust me no one can kill me in the server =) 1 vs1 no one can , im protecting new ppl and low reset
  6. dude he kill low reset and new in servers so u want em to kill elen? haaha he jsut tp from map to map with his DL summ , many new in server are leaving cos they cant level
  7. i think the same admins , elen kill always to all new ppl who join in teh server , and if elen keep killing every 5 mins in all maps , they will quit and probably they could doante to server or atleast make it more active , when elen was baned 7 days , all teh server was in peace ask any guild any clan , but when he came again all were talking bad about elen cos he kills every one , every new member in teh server too and he make them quit cos elen dont care about level , he jsut log to kil levery one ( with low rr ) ofc hahaha, but think about it mate its not 1 person , almsot every one want to see him baned permanent
  8. infest-ringo


    ye ,in ruls sector there are an example of insults u can say that are not ban, go check again . as i remember one of them are Asshole , stupid , moron, and others
  9. infest-ringo


    hahaah thats not insult , and i saw how u provoque , u say what are u going to do, what more else , u sure? uw will kill me? what mroe else , ... jsut provoque DEAR admins ignore elen post hahahaa
  10. infest-ringo


    well for real with out ellen server was awsome
  11. thats a point , meybe u need to give less prices CCCP , if u see no one play and ur prices still high u will never sell
  12. dude then stay alone in aurora =) np for me nova is active u play alone at nova , formme is awsomenova haha , ok lets stop this topic
  13. thats why merge will be better for both servers, u know aurora is dead .
  14. thats now cos aurora is dead i join and there are 4 ppl tlaking alone every 2 hours , that why i said merge , and if u want market exclusive for non FO items thats hard mate , u think the develpoper will do another market for 3 servers excluding FO? its not easy . so market for 3 server is bad merge aurora nova would be better and u know this cos u have many items now cos no one farm in aurora its like if u live alone , u have all boses etc for u, thats why u want market for 3 servers
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