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  1. Fixed on Phobos too.
  2. Already 2600 online on King. 35% of the players are not Russian-speaking. Most likely, the future server will be without a donate shop. But in the near future no plans to open new servers.
  3. Launcher text is updated and a bug, that video wasn’t playing is fixed. If you do not see text or after the start of the video in launcher you receive an error, go to Internet Explorer, press ctrl + shift + delete and delete all the browser cache.
  4. We have created a poll. To participate in it, you must be in the server hall of fame.
  5. We will do as you wish. We can make a poll among the Legion server players if they want to transfer to Phobos. If the majority is in favor, then we will transfer Legion to Phobos.
  6. Dear players, we want to congratulate you with the Christmas and upcoming New Year! We wish you all the very best not only in our Muxglobal world, but also everywhere else, outside the realms of Muxglobal. We hope that the next year will be even more interesting and captivating. This year has been full of new things. We have gradually, during this year, fixed a load of various bugs and errors and we have implemented a lot of new features to make our beloved game even more enjoyable. To celebrate, there will be a Drop Event on the 25th December, on each of our gaming worlds. Aurora - 18:00 Legion - 18:30 Phobos - 19:00 Also we have more gifts in store for you on December 31st. Thank you for being with us in this passing year. Let's meet, celebrate and spend the next year together as well!
  7. Make a donation and get 2 times more lottery tickets as a gift. The promotion will last until the end of the month.
  8. Please look through this section of the forum and this too.
  9. Sorry, I will be able to check it on Monday.
  10. Bonuses accrued v5 Now for 500 XLM there will be a reward of 1200 bonuses.
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