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    Referral on x5000

    Hello my old friends ! Everyone who knows me can create account on my referral link ! https://muxglobal.com/?page=start&referral=31306 There you go ! Thanks !
  2. The logs are from eGames Storm : ))) I tried to mix first lvl4 wings on the server i think :p
  3. Selling Character : OpineI Selling Character2 : OpineL Race : Blade Master Resets : 215 Quests : 199 Achievements : 20 Selling Items : Demon Level 4 wings Great Dragon set +12+all x2 Bone Blades +12+all Dragon Shield+12+all Ring of Fire +13+all Ring of Ice +13+all Offers in skype : say.ge
  4. OpineL


    Each member of the guild should care about the reputation of the guild. Any activity humiliating the guild is not allowed! All guild members are equal in their rights Guild members is strictly forbidden to disclose sensitive information, information relating to the internal life of the Guild Each member of the guild should be respected to the enemy, not allowing insults (the maximum possible) Each member of the guild is entitled to rely on support from the guild Each member of the guild is to provide all possible assistance to other participants in the guild and alliance Each member of the guild should attend the forum at least 1 time in 3 days! In the absence of the game more than 1 week must inform the heads of the guild Disagreement within the guild absolutely unacceptable! The last word on the adoption of any decision or dispute is behind GM and AGM Joining the Guild Member should be familiar with the rules and Phobos server guild charter The player must have a minimum of XXX resets and XXX quests Good online Adequacy The availability and use of Raid Call is necessary 11003183 The application form for entry into the Guild Responsible for the reception of the guild : OpineL Charter read? (yes / no) In Game Name Name and Age Character Class Approximately how many hours are in the game (in a day, in a week) Your experience in MU (in particular Bless or the Storm, as well as your nickname on the last server, if available) Link of your character Availability of RaidCall software and microphone - mandatory conditions for applying for membership. (Available / not available)
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