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  1. Show full screen noob or u deleting ur part of harasment idiot?i dont care this server i ca n leave any time and u? let me found ss i did with full conversation and u gona enjoy the ban with me noob police help me plz police the guy is hitting me
  2. angelicalx

    AlmostHell x200

    What a sHame to true yakuza u use hes name
  3. angelicalx

    AlmostHell x200

    wow yakuza ur realy funny kiddo dont have nothing more to do nab this is game so dont pk than cry to gm. noob! go cry to your father moron
  4. angelicalx

    Grand Reset

    ou and if u say need max res to start feeling true game and fun ! I AM MAX RESET and stoped playing at max reset!!
  5. angelicalx

    Grand Reset

    same dude iwas playing aurora and stoped dor for the same reason (booring)!!already like 3 weeks not loged and this is first time after all that time i just come forum!Only thinking 2 play again make me 2 get booring so after i donated u just crashed a server WITH YOUR "awsome ideas" and non listening your players! so i would like 2 play on my char but i wont cos i told ya guys 2 b4 u do all what u done and opening new server that you gona kill aurora aswell as u done with atlas! so GL MAYBE U REALY GET ONLINE 1000++ but . BUT ONLY WHAN U START LISTENING YOUR PLAYERS AND open your minds some cos if your head us garder than stone there no space for a new briliant ideas so GL!
  6. still with no high lvl exe items u can fight and the point is u still hitting hard with items like guardian set+viper bow and this pvp mod is only for fun.and tandom drop this u can change but i guess lose 1 guardian item+l+dd that can do any1 its so easy 2 get those items back.Ou yes and u can make it without random item drop from your inventory u can make its duel/stake option.(zen or items).
  7. no arthur its not so hardcore as u think and we can get a lot of funy and nice time playing ,why to stay afk all the time is better if u can get some fun and it good for peoples who kill in at bless arena so they dont need 2 do it anymore cso they have theyr own litle space,,,hehehe and i guess this can make new mu experience 4 all,didnt u say this is unique mu server with theyr own vision ?this something can change mu playing and online 4 ever..ok think above it
  8. type-r for that u can make level of dangering...only same levels can fight beetwen.So as u can make arena with deepernes levels more deeper higher resets and higher level or lower u can atack or they can atack u.so it didnt must be newbie killing arena ,u can make it well with securyty sistems 4 players dont want 2 be beaten by higher resets and levels,i believe in you u can do it,,,,
  9. why is insane?I guess you can equip lvl 2 wings for enter this kind of arena and leave your lvl 3wings at bank...and same with armors,get armors only for this arena fight,and the good one you can leave at bank,no need risk any item u dont want to risk.and i guess can fight beetwen each others with some kind of instant reward can give life 2 the game but maybe im wrong(or maybne not),,,,
  10. ou and only proper levels can fight like levels in arena whan u deeper in biger atackingble lvl like +10 level arena is pplz 10 lvls higher or less than your level can atack you and you can do the same .
  11. hey !i want 2 sugest a new pvp arena mod.where every1 can join at any time with no request for.with duel/stake option,it nice idea 2 as for guild wars every day without need of take cs,maybe danger area where if u get killed by other player u lose 1 of your items equip?(random).ok i hope u considerate it,i guess it not bad idea and makes game fulfully whan u get boored of pve and pvp with 0 % risk.this can make game to be funnyer.
  12. idk whats happens with u guys but 4 me at sg it going very well.i kill arachnoids and ghost warrioirs instantly they born.so maybe theres true that dl hits low on mobs cos my elf hitting 130k dmg easy on them but u need 2 think that dl is pvp character and not pve.so u will hit low dmg on mobs but kill players easy and fast so wheres the problem? that is class u chosen and no1 did for u.I know its hard leveling dl but is same as bk is hard 2 get it level up is cos those 2 chars are specialy for player versus player mod.aaa and almost forgot u need 2 think about speed of atacks sl with fire scream he hits like 4 times faster than any of characters. ok i leave it here 21 you read it and can think after this maybe u can understand why is hard lvl up a DL!!!!
  13. I guess u dont think above that players from aurora will leave 2 new server cos they cant get top ranking here at aurora no more.First u merged server with 4 months 2 server with 2 months and its already killed all tops cos u just gaved top rankings for same players from atlas which there was..and after i spent like 600 euro i have nothing 2 do...it was unfair for aurora players .and second u want 2 open x200??all players will leave aurora for the same reasons as i leaved atlas.If i ever knew that happens il never donate and i can tell you that you just lose 1 of donators i dont think donate anymore of those changes...
  14. its nice idea yes but can u better fix all what need 2 be fixed 2 aurora server and make few upgrades as u done at new server??maybe this is bettre than opening new server and let it happens same with aurora as someday happens with atlas??cant u realy see that opening new server and not upgrading aurora what u doing is make lots of players leave auroras server??Yes I Know u never give the reason 2 no 1 doesnt matter if this someone is right..........
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