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  1. Adee

    Quests Phobos 27/02/2021

    Hide and seek YakuzaELF Mythical Mirian YakuzaELF YakuzaELF Dots YakuzaELF YakuzaELF Mythical CEMO -Turcu- Bring the item Mythical CEMO DarkAngel2 CEMO -ShifT-
  2. 27/02/2021 19:10 there will be ingame quests on Phobos Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. Event time can be modified, apologize for inconveniences)
  3. Adee

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    You can post your answers until 28/02 Sunday 20:35
  4. Adee

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    MEMORY It's essence is simple: in front of you there is a game board with 36 cells. Under every cell you will find a monster. Your task: to find pairs of the same monsters For every arranged pair you will get 20, 25 or 50 bons. Pairs for 20 bons (6 monsters per game board): Worm Poison Shadow Pairs for 25 bons (4 monsters per game board): Great Drakan Zaikan Phoenix of Darkness Hellmaine Kundun Pairs for 50 bons (2 monsters per game board Golden Goblin Golden Tantalos  To participate you have to make 8 pairs from cells 1-36, you can use each cell only once! An example of an application for participation: Adee / Phobos 1 - 21 2 - 9 3 - 18 4 - 8 5 - 27 6 - 20 7 - 25 17 - 31 Game board results for this example: Winners in example: Only one pair match 1 - 21: Kundun Adee – You won 25 Bons.
  5. Adee


    Probably Ivan is a "she"
  6. Adee

    Forum Quest "Black Box"

    Jason Statham was hiding in box! MZU wins! Arrogant | Aurora - 50 bons reward Thank you all for participation
  7. Adee

    Forum Quest "Black Box"

    OK!! another hint : he played in the trilogy Transporter
  8. Adee

    Forum Quest "Black Box"

    I will give you a hint : is a british actor
  9. Adee

    Client error

    Uninstall the game , delete the files , download it and do the installation again. Don't forget to download the patcher also make sure your dont have the game files in another game folder which won't allow you to open it
  10. Adee

    Forum Quest "Black Box"

    Quest will start on Sunday 21.02 15:00 server time
  11. Your goal is to guess what is hidden in the Black box. And only Quest Maker know what is in box. Rules In box you can find any material thing. For example food (orange), tool (hammer), person (Kristaps Porzingis), item (paper), film (The Wolf of Wall street) etc. Each player can ask as many questions, as he wants. The answers will be - "Yes" or "No". Quest Maker can also answer like "perhaps yes" or "perhaps no". You will receive your answers in your own post. (quest maker will edit your post, so you will see this) 1 post = 1 question and 1 answer Items in box will keep their default form, for example, lemon is yellow, spoon is made of metal, feathers are light, paper is thin. Winner will receive 50 bonuses!
  12. I didn't saw the second sentence so yes this translation is right. But for this you do deserve the warning since you are so smart
  13. The right translation is "you are so dumb"
  14. Or how they supposed to do guild quests?!
  15. Winners: PIKI | Phobos 65 bons WhteWalkr | Phobos 65 bons -Mrhope- | Phobos 65 bons CoMeDoZ | Phobos 65 bons volsebnik | Aurora 65 bons JacksonX | Aurora 65 bons M4dneSS | Phobos 65 bons Scar | Aurora 65 bons GRP1 | Aurora 65 bons Tigreshka | Phobos 65 bons Janissary | Phobos 65 bons YakuzaELF | Phobos 65 bons
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