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  1. Tieši tāpēc parasti izvairos no latviešu sabiedrības spēlēs.
  2. MrBean

    Trading wings

    Trade for (3rd) SM wings (clean).
  3. Yeah, on set items its just not worth the effort. But on wings, man, those 7% of hp recovery are pretty important. This far the closest I got to 7% was 6% and it took me loads of Jewel of Life.
  4. All Im saying +500 Jewel of Lifes and still +0 is a little too extreme.
  5. Well actually that is a load of crap, because there is no way that its +50%. And yes, judging from the life success rate ingame, it is a torture fest not a private server. I call you out to actually go ingame and make a few items +28add.
  6. Perhaps, sometimes you should take a break from Mu to rest your eyes my friend. And are you sure you are not colorblind?
  7. Okay, maybe you're right. Lets not jump to conclusions before we get to see what its like. For now these are only hypotheses.
  8. Because at the moment we dont have players from two servers squeezed into one. And what CCCP suggested applies to farm maps too, it will be far more difficult to farm items & jewels at Lorencia, Noria and Devias from now on. And in my opinion Blessed Arena is a terrible map, it should be taken out ASAP and its spots moved to the original maps where they belong, because lets face it. Maps like Blessed Arena and Stadium makes players inactive and leveling up effortless, meanwhile maps like Crywolf, Barracks, Refuge remain empty. Peace!
  9. Ill participate if I will be able to make it that day..
  10. I would be more thankful if they didnt, because it messes with multiple things including balance.
  11. Yes, but my question remains unanswered. How is it fair?
  12. Arent combos supposed to be a 2nd thing?
  13. MrBean

    Share your music!

    Heavy stuff, huh? You better give it up for Pantera then.
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